Tom Schram
We are all products of our environments and simultaneously have the ability to shape and change those environments. Physical environments have obvious effects over how we perceive and understand ourselves in relation to our surroundings, but virtual environments are having an ever-increasing effect on these conditions as well. Changing technologies and increased use of online networks pose new questions about how we understand and relate to the settings we inhabit. My work examines the intersection between virtual and physical spaces and the challenges many people experience as they incorporate more and more technology into their daily lives. My practice focuses on the drawbacks and affordances of each, specifically as seen through the lens of the other, and looks for new perspectives concerning our roles as we occupy both realms simultaneously.

Materially I draw from found objects and unscripted recorded observations to describe physical spaces I’ve encountered. My work uses real-time signal processing, digital video, and audio to describe virtual environments. I bring the physical and non-physical together in large-scale installations that produce hybrid virtual/tangible environments. Viewers of and participants in these environments experience layers of sensory stimuli and are often offered interactive possibilities to explore these conditions further.