Tom Schram
Three Degrees
Old Doors, Broken Tempered Glass, Subwoofers, Stereo Reciever, Audio File
Three Degrees is a large physical object that creates three distinct environments; interior, exterior close, and exterior far. The structure made from salvaged doors encloses a large pile of broken glass. Droning audio emanating from the center of the piece physically shakes the interior glass pieces as well as the surrounding windowpanes. In close proximity the object seems powerful yet unstable held together to some unknown extent by a red ratchet strap. From a singular vantage point, directly in front of the leaning object, the viewer is offered an obstructed view of the interior, but at the cost of an uneasy position somewhat underneath the smallest side of the structure. The third space created is experienced as viewers explore other parts of the gallery and the droning sounds remain a constant companion, only quieting for several seconds as the audio loop turns over. This brief return to silence in the gallery is a respite from the noise that only further accentuates its perpetual presence.